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What is a 5x5 lace closure wig?

A 5x5 Lace closure wig is a kind of wig that is 5 inches wide and 5 inches long. It's big enough to do free parting, meaning a part in the middle and both sides.

Slay Shay 5x5 Lace closure wig is sewed with four combs to help keep your unit secured. It also comes with an adjustable band at the back to adjust the cap size according to your head circumference.

Whether the transparent lace color or the invisible lace color, both can give you a natural, realistic looking hairline.

Parting space

A 5*5 Lace closure isn't limited to just the middle, however, with a 5*5 lace closure wig, you need to be careful about your styling choice to avoid exposing the edges of the lace, or any tracks.


The lace part of the 5x5 lace closure is 5inches by 5inches, the entire lace area covers your forehead, making it possible to have a realistic hairline. We also provide wigs with pre-plucked and clean bleached hairline

Beginner Friendly?

It is easier and more convenient for a wig beginner to install, as well as easier to take care of, it is definitely beginner-friendly

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